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Equipment Rental

6'1" Yamaha upright, Disklavier

Drums & Percussion:
5 pc vintage Rogers drum set
5 pc Pearl drum set
LP Conga drums

Amplifiers & Speakers:
Fender Twin Reverb
Galien-Kruger RB 400 bass amp;
QSC MX2000G monitor amp
Yorkville Elite 1000 speakers
Yorkville Pulse 12 monitor speakers
Fender Delux Reverb
Galien-Kruger RB 800 bass amp
Fender Super Reverb guitar amp

Alesis 1622 mixer
Mackie 32-channel x8-bus mixer

Recording Equipment:
16 track ADAT
Tascam DA20 recorder
Cubase VST hard drive recording
Wavelab waveform editing
PPS 100 SMPTE generator

Outboard Equipment:
Compressors/Limiters/Gates--dBX 166, dBX 165
Yamaha GC2020
Valley People Stereo

Signal Processors:
Roland DEP-5 Effects Processor
Roland SDE-3000 Digital delay
Alesis XT Digital Reverb
Ibanez SDR 000 Digital Reverb
DOD, Sundholn, and Rane graphic EQs
Rane Parametric EQ

Computer Systems:
Windows PC w/SCSI drives
Mac G4

MIDI Equipment:
Roland U-220
Yamaha TX-7
Casio VZ 10M

2 Sennheiser 421
1 AKG 414
2 AKG C 452 EB
2 Shure beta 87,
several Shure SM 57 and SM 58

All recording, preproduction etc., must add New York State sales tax.

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