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Dance Theatre Performance

Rehearsals, classes, workshops, informal showings, lectures, video and photo shoots are done on a regular basis in both of the large studios.

The theater space is available for rental for dance, theater and music performances. Context produces Choreographer Showcase events here, as well as music, musical theater, performance art, and dance events in the Highway New Choreographers Initiative, Sudden Dance, Sudden Music, Downtown Document and other series.

Classes up to 14 participants $30/hour
Classes 15 to 24 participants $40/hour
Classes 25 to 34 participants $50/hour
Classes 35 and above $60/hour

Auditions are charged like classes, according to number of participants, unless extra rooms are needed or other special circumstances apply.

Photo and video shoots $100/hour, $750/day

Theater rental package:
Includes lights, chairs, risers, tape playback system. Charges apply to all time booked, including setup, performance or event time, and cleanup and strike: Show nights $100/hour, 4 hour minimum (call about multiple night rental special, as low as $300/night); tech rehearsal $75/hour. Contact us for details including off-season specials and rehearsal discounts.

To serve food at events: $60 per day, plus $100 refundable cleaning deposit, plus $50/day kitchen rental, if utilized.

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